Custom Bike Builds

When it comes to building the perfect bike, CYCLEX takes no shortcuts. Regardless of it you're upgrading parts on an old frame or building a completely new rig, we have the perfect build kit for you. 

Why compromise on your new bike when you can hand select each individual part?

Custom builds allow you to address your specific cycling needs. The possibilities here are endless.

Wondering where to start?

Our experienced fit technicians and our certified mechanics will ensure that your bike fits and rides exactly the way that you want it to. Their expertise, paired with your passion,  will get you on the perfect bike.

These are all key elements that we take into consideration when customizing your build:

  • Frame: Your adventure starts here. From road racing to commuting, from single-track to gravel roads, the frame will influence where you go. 
  • Drivetrain: From one gear to 30, and everything in between, this is what drives your bike
  • Wheels: This is what connects you to the Earth and is the single best upgrade you can make to a bicycle. Nothing changes the feel of your bike more than upgrading to a different wheel set.
  • Fit-kit: A high-performance bike isn't worth much if you're not comfortable on it. This area of the build , along with our Certified Fit Technician, will help you get your fit dialed.
  • Suspension: This one goes out to all the mountain bikers. Whether you're going for the KOM at your local cross-country track or trying to set a personal record for your biggest drop, the proper suspension for your bike will help you get there.
  • Accessories: Racks, bags, bells, and whistles - it doesn't matter if your gearing up to ride to work or ride across the country, we can get your bike setup for your next adventure.

Contact CYCLEX today to start your next dream bike-build.