Professional Bike Fitting

Here at CycleX, we want you to be as comfortable and efficient on your bike as possible while staying injury-free. Whether you ride recreational, comute, for fitness, or for competition, a proper bike fit will maximize power and comfort to help you reach your cycling goals.

During the process, we fit the bike to the body to allow the rider to experience better performance and comfort. Everybody has their own individual body style that is taken into account during the process to create a truly customized fit. Whether you have nagging aches and pains or want to utilize your muscles more efficiently, a bike fit will benefit all aspects of your time spent in the saddle.

Bike Fit

  • Rider Interview to understand rider history, desired riding experience, intended use of bike, and goals
  • Fit Assessment to adjustment the bike and make recommendations based on the Pre-Fit Interview, Physical Assessment, and current bike set-up
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Cost: $250 (includes 3 follow up fits within 12 months on the same bike)
  • Additional Fits: $125 (different bike within 12 months of the first bike fit)


  • Bike Fitting is by appointment only
  • Wear what you would normally ride in. Fitted shorts and shirt/jersey are recommended
  • Pre-Fit Analysis during the Bike Fit will require you to remove shoes and socks
  • Cost of recommended parts are not included in the price of the fit service
  • Installation of recommended parts may require additional time and in some cases, labor charges

Your Certified Fit Technician: Brian Kukla

Questions? To schedule a bike sizing or a bike fit:

Call the shop phone at (573) 874-7044 or email