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Custom Hand-Built Wheels

There is nothing better than riding hand-built wheels. At CYCLEX, we'll work we'll work with you to pick out your perfect hubs, rims and spokes to get you exactly what you need from your new wheelset. 

Whether you're looking for durability, cutting weight, or the latest tech, custom wheels can transform your riding experience. 

These are all key elements that we take into consideration when we custom-build your wheels:

  • Rims: Is aero everything? OR do you want to build the lightest wheel set possible? Perhaps you'd prefer the perfect balance of the two. The rim will determine where your wheels take you.
  • Hubs: The center-point of the wheel. This is a key place to add performance enhancing upgrades and aesthetically pleasing accent colors.
  • Spokes: Wheel durability, stiffness and weight are all affected by the type, and number, of spokes that you choose. 

Contact CYCLEX today to start your next dream wheel-build.